Affinibody Life Science AG
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Affinibody Life Science AG has developed the Fastest Screening Platform and establishes a well-recognized leadership in the field of single domain antibody. At Affinibody Life Science AG we provide you products from every steps of single domain antibodies (Nanobodies) screening procedures for research scientists and companies faster and more reliably than any other company. The bottle neck of custom antibody service is the screening of high affinity antibody. Currently, the two mostly used methods phage display and hybridoma screening are very time consuming. The averaged screening time for one antibody is between 3-6 months. However, our fast screening platform enables 3 weeks screening and production of more than 3 different high affinity antibodies. Our animal facility allows various targets to be employed in immunization of alpaca, including large protein molecules, membrane proteins, peptides and other challenging targets. In addition, we also provides a comprehensive list of recombinant single domain antibody products and further diagnostic products to meet our customers’ requirements.